When FUKADA was opened in Irvine, it was surrounded by open space. But thanks to the valuable times we spent with our customers, we were able to get this far. We were a little behind, but we have finally opened a website!

With our Soba and Udon noodles being main, we have other Japanese food, so people can enjoy authentic Japanese food at our restaurant. We also care about our customer so we provide Organic Products, Brown Rice, and All Natural Beef, so people can eat healthier.

Our restaurant’s goal is to give people fresh soba, so our chef makes the soba every morning, and he also makes soup everyday with konbu(kelp), and freshly shaved bonito in order to give the best quality taste to the customers.

Our chef Fukada, has been working around soba dn udon noodles for over 20years and this restaurant is his best work so far.

Please stop by our restaurant.



8683 Irvine Center Dr.

Irvine CA, 92618



6200 Scholarship

Irvine, CA 92612